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Influencers have been the true drivers of digital space and the principal reason for the continual growth of social media: using blogs or networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or as creative platforms for expressing personal viewpoints and for sharing content, influencers trigger the viral and spontaneous spread of content and contribute significantly to the efficiency of online campaigns.

Digital PRs aim to build relationships with different consumer targets, using influencers that serve as points of reference for those consumers. The greater the bond is between the influencer and the brand image, the higher the level of engagement will be.

The Influencer Marketing area handles the entire process of conception, design, development and implementation of digital PR activities and is divided into Digital Campaign and Seeding Marketing, depending on the communication objectives of the brand.

Digital Campaign

Starting from the client’s brief, the Digital Campaign area creates a communication concept based on a storytelling strategy, with the first step consisting in identifying and involving talent that is in line with the brand’s values and image. Once this goal has been achieved, the second step foresees the active participation of the influencers; by posting content created on an ad-hoc basis for the project, influencers allow the brand to increase its online visibility, thus strengthening the reputation of its products.

Seeding Marketing

The Seeding Marketing area deals with making a brand and its products known to the wider public, as does the Digital Campaign; but in this case, the content created is spontaneous. It is essential to identify the right influencer profile that is able to capture attention, propose interesting content and stimulate conversation with followers—that is, to trigger a “naturally” occurring word of mouth.

Expertise in identifying and managing digital influencers and a wide network of international contacts, in addition to consistent customer support through the analysis of collected data and achieved results, differentiates and makes Digital Dust’s digital communication strategies particularly effective.


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