Luisa Spagnoli

Client: Luisa Spagnoli
Services: Content Production


Milano Fashion Week  FW20

For the Luisa Spagnoli FW20 Show Digital Dust has created a project that includes: video teaser, social coverage of the event and post-show reveal phase.

Focusing on the print of the sweatshirt, the gift to the guests attending the event, Digital Dust creates an animated video in which the polka dots, iconic symbol of the brand, move and reveal all the information relating to the event.

The colors reflect the ones of the collection and of the location for this season.

Milano Fashion Week  SS20

Digital Dust begins his collaboration with Luisa Spagnoli on the occasion of the SS20 women’s show during the Milano Fashion Week . The historic Italian brand has relied on Digital Dust to develop a project that includes the creation of the video teaser, the social coverage of the event and the post-catwalk reveal phase. The viewer is introduced into a dreamlike and enchanted world inspired by Marrakech that illustrates precious architectural geometries that flow endlessly in a hypnotic succession of columns and arches, enriched by the presence of a bewitching silhouette of a woman, the same one that Luisa Spagnoli wears.