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Social media continues to gain more and more importance over the years, coming to represent an essential network for developing an effective communication strategy. In a world used to “thinking” on the web, populated by a generation of digital natives that make use of its content at any given moment in time, it’s necessary to know how to skillfully present oneself, creating perfect content that is in line with the message that one wants to share.  Such content, especially designed for social media and digital media, must absolutely respect a quality standard that is able to mold itself to the brand and to the demands of the different social networks, keeping in mind the amount of time and ways of using the different platforms, which are often two distinct things.

The Social Media Strategy area offers strategic advice for the creation and growth of brand image on social media platforms through the creation of content (photos and videos) on an ad-hoc basis. Providing design, implementation and management services for social profiles, Digital Dust develops focused strategies that are capable of increasing brand consideration online. After a careful analysis of the market and a meticulous benchmarking of competitors, the communication goals are defined together with the client; a strategy is devised to use on different social media platforms and a publishing schedule is developed based on studies about the habits of the brand’s target group and on the analytics related to traffic and engagement.

To ensure that the Content Strategy of a brand is truly effective, Digital Dust handles the creation of content with one style, both written and photographic, that is in line with the image of the brand and that most importantly is capable of making the brand immediately identifiable. At the same time, the publishing of this content is carefully planned, focusing on three main elements: choice of publishing day, time and frequency.

Digital Dust also handles the management of the communities, moderating dialogue and favoring a positive conversation around the brand, paying special attention to the CRM, the customer relationship management. With focused community management, the company executes performance monitoring through the use of punctual and detailed reports, taking advantage of the main KPI analyses like web sentiment, engagement, and conversion.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, Digital Dust is able to make the most of the reports, transforming data into strategic information and using this same information for its Social Media Strategy activities.

In addition to the creation of a “tailor-made” social media strategy, Digital Dust makes Social Advertisement campaigns that are aimed at defined and geo-localized targets and that are able to reach their own clients’ objectives.


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