Client: Douglas
Services: Crossmedia Strategy



Digital Dust has developed a Crossmedia Strategy project for Douglas dedicated to the launch of the new Make Up Kit. Face of this Limited Editon? Elettra Lamborghini.

Digital Dust devised the communication concept by creating the exclusive TWERKIT by Elettra Lamborghini in two versions for a spotlight-proof wild glam look! The main objective of this collaboration was to incentivize the DRIVE-TO-STORE and increase the SELL-OUT, while strengthening the positive sentiment online.

The multiple activities conceived by Digital Dust have created an interactive and engaging storytelling involving Elettra Lamborghini not only as the face of the kit but with the aim of creating original and appealing content capable of stimulating curiosity around the kit and the brand.

Digital Dust created a shooting dedicated to the creation of content for Douglas‘s online and offline channels and for Elettra‘s social profiles, which gave considerable visibility to the collaboration.

In addition, Digital Dust has created the naming of the exclusive make up kit which takes the name of TWERKIT, in the two versions Side A and Side B, the packaging and the communication strategy.

The proposed initiatives are aimed at giving great visibility to the brand and its products, creating traffic on the points of sale and a strong social resonance.