Client: Mardegan
Services: Content Production


Digital Dust collaborates with Mardegan Legno on the occasion of the capsule collection signed by Stefano Boeri. Content production, social media strategy and influencer marketing will enhance the brand’s storytelling and values shared by Mardegan Legno e Stefano Boeri: sustainability,  link between man and nature , and craftsmanship.

The communication will have a strong visual impact and the mood will be evocative and immersive as it will lead the audience to discover innovation, allowing them to explore all the values ​​conjugated by collaboration.

The video hero, in this case, will be the symbolic element of the project, supported by a photographic and graphic part that will make it more usable and complete.

Starting from the creative concept, Digital Dust creates the necessary outputs for the project:

– 1 Video Hero Long Edit

-12 Photo Shots

Digital Dust takes care of the artistic direction and content production of the various contents at 360°, ensuring visual homogeneity and an image in line with the brand identity.

Digital Dust offers its services also during the Mardegan Legno event hosted during the Salone del Mobile week that will allow to create additional social contents and increase the online buzz.